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Each project is a new challenge, developed with care and dedication to find the best solution customised to the client's needs, in sync with his aspirations. This process involves expanding the client's repertoire of possible solutions while helping to identify objectives and reveal potential that may not be immediately apparent.  The ultimate goal is to provide the client with a material reality of his dream.


The projects are developed by a team of internal and outsourced members depending on its scale, deadlines, budget and complexity. Partnerships have also been forged to provide a multidisciplinary network of consultants specialising in structures, electrical and plumbing installations, landscaping, special lighting, etc., to ensure the needs of each project are met.


Marina Mindlin Loeb Arquitetura will take on projects from the initial concept to the finished, detailed drawings and can also provide site administration services during construction. Projects can range from small, medium and large scale new builds or renovations of existing structures, in a variety of areas, including: residential, commercial, corporate, cultural, institutional and scientific, among others.


There is a focus on the quality, comfort and functionality of the intended spaces, the way they link together to make a coherent whole and their relationship with the surroundings, which allows for their users to develop new behaviours and brings them new perspectives.


Set and Exhibition Design

Developed to tell a story from the visual and sensorial points of view, scenographic and expographic projects follow a pre-set script to imbue it with aesthetic and spatial dimensions.


From the concept to the execution, expographic design projects are developed in conjunction with the curator, encompassing the projects for the space, the layout, routes, displays, colours and finishes, and overall art direction.


In the case of scenographic projects for events, performances, spectacles/shows, the theatre or cinema, the work encompasses the conceptual design of the sets and complete environments, developed under the director's orientation.

Interior Design

The same attention given to architecture carries over to interior design, where the focus is on the details, finishes, layouts and quality of the internal spaces.


The essential roles played by the atmosphere, comfort, lighting, colours, textures, patterns, temperature and placement of furniture and objects, lead to a unique environment that reflects and expands the client's imagination and desires while providing a new, more efficient way to occupy the spaces.

Other Services


Urban Planning

Master plan for private or public urban areas, planning and analysis of urban contexts.


Feasibility Studies

For developments and design projects: soil use, zoning, volumetric studies, density planning.



Design and sustainability (DGNB certified)


Project Management

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